Happy Presidents Day!


February 20, 2012 by jooshanoosh

Stop! Before you run out and celebrate Presidents Day by making your ice sculpture of Mount Rushmore or reenacting the Lincoln assassination or putting up your Roosevelt tree with all the trimmings, I have a question I’d like to pose.
Since this is an election year (I’m assuming you don’t live under a rock, so you are well aware of this), what do you think would make you a good presidential candidate for 2012?
If you were to make a list of all of my wonderful strengths and unparalleled abilities…then first of all, I’d like to see that list. But second of all, political savvynessocity wouldn’t be on there.
To prove my point, here is my list of Top 10 things I would do immediately upon being your new president, and moving into the White House.
  1. I would call Bono and say, “Come to the White House. I’d like to talk about a real solution for forgiving third-world debt.” And then when he arrived, I’d be waiting in the White House Concert Hall, and I’d say, “Just kidding, dude, here’s a guitar, let’s start with “Where the Streets Have No Name,” and play all the way through The Joshua Tree. Where are Edge, Larry, and Adam? I’m pretty sure I told you to bring them.”
  2. Then, so there were no hard feelings, I’d have the #1 White House Chef make up a mess of bangers n’ mash for dinner. (I hear the Edge loves bangers n’ mash.) And since we’d be hanging out all night, for breakfast the next morning, of course, Lucky Charms.
  3. Then I would take Air Force One out for a spin. (Not with U2 though, because frankly, they have their own ride, and Air Force One is my time.) Me and my First Lady would spend some time in Fiji, New Zealand, Italy, and the Azores.
  4. I would throw a ginormous barbecue on the White House Lawn with all my friends, and as kind of a bon voyage party for all the snooty celebrities that had threatened to leave the country if I were elected president. I would convert half of the lawn into a miniature golf course, and the other half into a water slide park. The White House Chefs would be cooking all day (because let’s face it, I’m going to be putting them to work 24/7, as it is only a matter of days before I am impeached.)
  5. I would have my secretary call Lorne Michaels and arrange for my immediate hosting of Saturday Night Live; and let everyone know that I will be bringing some of my own sketches, that I wrote in college. Also I would like them to invite Steve Martin, Tom Hanks, Amy Poehler, and the late Phil Hartman to appear as “special guests.” (Coldplay as musical guests.)
  6. I would arrange for a private screening at the White House Movie Theater Room of Three Men and a Baby, and hold a discussion about my conspiracy theory of how Steve Guttenberg managed to make so many movies in the 80s.
  7. I would also arrange for a kind of hybrid game of “Hide and Seek” and “Paintball.” Where legislators and I would put on camouflage and hunt each other throughout the White House. (Think of how many awesome rooms there would be to hide in! … I  KNOW!) And if they catch me, then I won’t veto the bill; but if they don’t, then I get to veto whatever I want.
  8. Since I have never watched a Super Bowl game, then I would of course want to appear at the half time show and perform with The Police. I would play the cowbell, just to mess with people’s minds, and kind to see if I could start a fight between Sting and Stewart Copeland.
  9. I would constantly be meeting with my publicist and Hollywood folks, who would be working on my biography/movie entitled, Impeachment: My 72 Hours in the White House.
  10. I would contact Ben & Jerry and insist they create a new flavor named after me. Executive Craig Chip or Craig-o-licious. Presidential Party in Your Mouth. Something. I trust them.
Perhaps I don’t possess the qualities you are looking for in the CEO of America. I get that. But consider this. YOU would be invited to that White House lawn party! How ya like me NOW?!

5 thoughts on “Happy Presidents Day!

  1. Becca says:

    This probably goes without saying, but I believe you have my vote. I'll bring a bag of Doritos to the party.

  2. seashmore says:

    Much like your book, my vote is totally up for sale. All it'll take is the promise of some cheddarwursts. Boil them in beer or Mountain Dew, and I can probably convince a few friends to vote for you, too.

  3. Josh says:

    Ken – You have my vote IF I can come to that BBQ.

  4. topher clark says:

    Can I be there for the Three Men and a Baby screening? I want to show everyone the ghost. And have a discussion about it.

  5. I would not like to be there for the Three Men and a Baby screening. I saw the ghost, and it scared me for 20 years. I have never watched the movie since, though I have always loved Tom Selleck and his 'stache. In fact I can't remember who the third man is…. Selleck, Guttenberg, ………….Rug… all I can see is a rug. TED DANSON!! That's it. But, none of this matters, because of that ghost. It should have been called Ghost, then I could have prepared for it. That's all I have to say about that. PS- I voted for you last election.

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