Fallen from Grace


March 29, 2012 by jooshanoosh

Never let it be said that we at PTA are afraid of a bit of controversy. Yesterday, Chris stirred up a tracker jacker nest by not only declaring that he didn’t like the Hunger Games movie, but also proudly proclaiming that he snuck into said movie AND that he is annoyed by tween girls sobbing. (OK, that last one isn’t that controversial. We all agree on that, right?) Ken proudly proclaimed his disdain for vinyl wall “art.” (Amy and I just put up “Return with Tacos” above our front door.) And let us never forget the anger and vitriol that rocked the blogosphere (any my book club that week) when Patrick declared his preference for short hair.

And because we have created a space where controversy and varying opinions are welcome I now proudly declare that Easter is the holiday with the best candy. Valentines day is too heavy on chocolate, which in and of itself doesn’t do much for me. (Though I do like candy hearts.) Christmas is more of a baked good holiday. And Halloween is basically just regular candy packaged in Halloween wrappers. What’s the fun in that?

Easter, however, is full of delicious treats that you can ONLY buy at Easter. And have you realized that Easter is only about a week away? And that many of these candies will be gone soon? Have you stocked up? Are you getting your fix? To help you in your shopping needs, I present the list of the greatest Easter candies:

1. Peeps

I know peeps are a love ’em or hate ’em kind of thing. But I LOVE them. And they are the definitive Easter candy. I distinctly remember being a small child and eating peeps (with little bits of that green plastic grass stuck to the raw-marshmallow side) from my Easter basket. I know that now they have St. Patrick’s day peeps and Arbor Day peeps and chocolate covered peeps and wasabi dipped peeps. And while I would certainly eat any of those, the original peeps and bunnies that come in the bright spring colors are where its at.

2. Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg

mmm…36 pack

I love a peanut butter cup as much as anyone. But there is something about the Egg that is better. Maybe it is the lack of that annoying oily paper. Maybe it is because the ratio of salty peanut butter to waxy chocolate seems higher. Maybe it is because they are available for a limited time and I’m a sucker for that. But whatever it is, yummy.

3. Cadbury Mini Eggs

mmmm…Big Bag….3 pack

Every year when I buy these, I think that I have elevated them in my mind and that they won’t live up. They can’t possibly be as good as I remember them. And guess what? They are BETTER. I think it is because I am an anglophile and Cadbury is the queen’s chocolate so surely it is better than something from Pennsylvania, right?

There are many other delights, but these are by far the top three and the three I want to eat morning and night for the months of March and April. But there is one Easter candy that I really want to like. One that used to hold a place of high esteem in my heart and has now fallen from grace.
The Cadbury Creme Egg
48 pack. Mmm. No thanks.

Remember when you were a kid and getting a whole creme egg to yourself was like the greatest thing ever?? And am I the only one that remembers that back then the creme filling was runny, like a real egg? And now it is sort of a thick white paste? Did I make that up? I imagine that they changed it because as a parent I can’t think of anything worse than giving my children a candy full of 1/4 cup of runny, sticky filling. But it was sweet and unctuous and gooey and delicious. And now it is like eating Chocolate filled with Spongebob Squarepants Toothpaste. Oh, creme egg. We thought we knew thee.

So weigh in. What are your favorite Easter candies? Did I get it right? Tell us in the comments.You know how we like to stir up controversy.

12 thoughts on “Fallen from Grace

  1. The disappointment of modern Cadbury Creme Eggs is still fresh in my heart. Are they pasteurizing those things? Peeps are okay as smores, but the sugar grit makes me cringe.Peanut Butter eggs are like eating a chocolate flavored salt lick – which is exactly why I love them.But mini eggs. Oh, mini eggs. I just need one, maybe two, to get me going in the morning. I keep a bag in my underwear drawer because I know my kids won't go in there. Mini Eggs are the candy version of one of those horribly addicting drugs. The kind they make afterschool special about "I just tried it one time, and the next thing I know, I'm living for my next hit." If Mini Eggs were a narcotic, I would be living in a cardboard box, all of my teeth would have fallen out, and I would be petting my arm like it was a cute little easter bunny.I almost love them more than my Ikea scrub brush.Someone tried to sing the praises of some other candy coated chocolate egg shaped candy and I just looked at them and shook my head sadly. Spend the extra dollar and get the good stuff – Easter only comes once a year.

  2. You are right on the money! I miss the runny creme eggs as well. And those peanut butter eggs are the best thing ever. I'm not a peeps girl, but the rest I LOVE!

  3. Janine says:

    Peeps…we just got them in Canada last year. I only had my first a few years ago, and now I've heard about the chocolate dipped ones…these haven't made it north of the border yet, but luckily I'm heading to MT with my family for the Easter weekend so i can fill up.Mini Eggs are my fave. I've been known to eat so many of those on Easter morn that I don't even eat Easter dinner…even when I've been the one in the kitchen preparing it. Now we get them all year long here in Canada, and they don't lose their loveliness.I thougtht the same thing about Easter Creme eggs and thought that I was just mis-remembering.PS. Is this freaky that I comment like I know you but have no clue who any of you are?

  4. I definitely agree with your premise, but Christmas and Halloween both share the Reese's egg, only in the shape of a tree and a pumpkin. At any rate, that is my favorite candy, and I'm glad Reese's doesn't only make it for Easter.

  5. Wendy says:

    1. Peeps. I can't stand them. I do buy them, but only so my boys can put them in the microwave and watch them inflate, and totally deflate to nothingness.2. Reese's PB Egg. LOVE THEM! They are my all time favorite candy.3. Cadburry Mini-Eggs. I could take them or leave them.4. Cadburry Creme Eggs. I remember them with oozy centers too. But I have never liked them.My favorite easter candy has to be Starburst Jelly Beans. I LOVE THEM! The perfect jelly bean I think.

  6. La Yen says:

    This is exactly my list. Now I need some more candy.

  7. Becca says:

    I've never been one for grocery-store chocolate candy, but somehow the IDEA of a Cadbury creme egg seemed like pure brilliance. I'm sure I was at least in college before I discovered/recognized that I was hoping the inside runniness would taste like sweetened-condensed milk (right out of the can) — the Nirvana of Sweets. And it DID NOT. And still does not, I bet, even in its more solid state. So, I lose, and am willing to concede the fight.

  8. Ken Craig says:

    Josh, I am in step with you all the way on the Reese's and the Mini Eggs. There is something extra magical bout the Reese's egg. Yes, the absence of the paper. But yes, something in the ratio of pb to chocolate makes it supremely better than your regular Reese's. And the Mini Eggs…I came home one day to Katie having purchased an industrial size bag. I can't tell which shoulder-angel she was listening to…but I would like to hear more from him. Because it changed my life.

  9. Ken Craig says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. seashmore says:

    I've never been a big fan of Peeps, mostly because of the gritty sugaryness. But for some reason, I like their candy eyes. And true Peeps are the baby birds, not the Bunnies. Helloooooo? They're called "Peeps" because the little chickens (who lay Easter eggs) make peeping noises.I'm scared to try the mini eggs because I've seen my roommate get addicted to them, and I just don't want that kind of dependency in my life.I'm with Wendy: how could jelly beans not make the list?

  11. Try the Hersheys chocolate eggs. I like to alternate between them and the Cadbury. The candy shell is the perfect thickness.

  12. Oh, you totally left out my favorite…Robin Eggs! Hello? Am I the ONLY one?? I know they're just glorified Whoppers but somehow Easter makes them better. 🙂

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