The Deal.


April 20, 2012 by jooshanoosh

So here’s the deal: I’ve been a father for a bit over two years, and I will tell you I have never loved anything the way I love my daughter…

So here’s another deal: my good old friend turned 40 last weekend and his wife sneaked behind his back and got his work covered for four days and, when he came home on Wednesday, she stole him off, dropped the kids at Grandma’s and gave him a whole weekend without kids (they have two and are expecting their third) in sunny St. George. Also, Lindsay and I came along…

Once, I had a mildly sexy life. My wife is so much hotter than me it’s hardly worth mentioning and I worked in New York City or LA in a overly decorated apartment while she pursued her PhD in some of the best theater programs in the country. We had great friends and wonderful food and hunted for adventure ever day.

Then Daisy.

And we gladly and simply scurried back to Utah so she could be close to Grandparents and cousins, and I literally rush home from work to be with her. And I love this life more then I ever have loved my life before…

But here’s the real deal, when I found out that we would be spending a weekend with our super sexy friends but without my darling daughter, I was ecstatic! I COULD NOT WAIT!! And I felt bad. Not that I was farming my baby out to any family member that would have her, but that I was so SO SO SO excited about it! This little weekend to do what? To do nothing, go see a movie in a theater, go out to eat without a single other person on my lap! To meet my wife who, as it turns out, is still much better looking than I am. But what does this all say about me as a father? I love babies…I would never eat a baby, they are filthy, but I do love being a dad. And I miss Daisy Lu…oh, that’s right, I am blogging from sunny St. George and I’m pretty sure Daisy is sleeping at my mother-in-law’s–or at one of my Brothers, who can say for sure–but I’m here and she is somewhere else. On one hand, I miss her desperately (I will tell you that two couples who used to have mildly sexy lives but now have kids, even when the kids are somewhere else, spend most of their time talking about their kids and how awesome their kids are), but there is that other hand…

Maybe those of you who have been parents for more than two years can send over a little words of comfort or, I suppose, condemnation. But for now I have to go to the pool… and swim in the deep end… with my wife. Then later I will call one of my brothers and find my girl just so I can hear her voice before she goes to bed…and we go to the movie.

2 thoughts on “The Deal.

  1. dana rose says:

    Patrick, I have never been a parent, but I have known lots of parents. That counts for something, right?You are a Grrrrrreat dad! And a normal human who enjoys a break from constant focused responsibility every now and again. Congratulations! When you are with Daisy, I'm sure you guys are the best (sexiest?) parents ever. Taking (and enjoying!) needed time away from her does not negate that. Much love! Miss you both! I want to meet Miss Daisy some day!

  2. topher clark says:

    Not interested in eating your baby? Call me

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