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May 14, 2012 by jooshanoosh

Recently on this Part Time Author blog you saw some clips of Chris and Lisa Clark doing some part time acting – Chris doing both voice over work as well as excelling at his craft as he tried to sell us on food storage, and Lisa starring in a Deseret Book commercial and her own web series, Pretty Darn Funny!
So I thought I would let you know what my wife, Katie, and I have been doing, part time.
As of late, we appeared on a new technology program on The Mormon Channel, called Tech Savvy. There are two episodes currently available for viewing (it’s that new) and we are in the second one. It’s called Parenting in the Tech Age, and we appear with none other than the famous parenting duo of Richard and Linda Eyre.
Don’t believe me? Here is a photo!

I like to think that this photo captures the moment when the baton was passed from last generation’s New York Time’s Bestselling Authors (the Eyres) to this generation’s New York Times Bestselling Authors, the Craigs. I’d like to think that; but unless there’s a demand for books called Parenting by the Seat of Your Pants or Waiting for Someone to Call Your Bluff, then I’m not sure that we’re who you’re looking for.
Here’s a clip from it, which is actually now being used as a Mormon Message video! Or you can also watch the entire episode HERE

Also, Lisa Clark’s Pretty Darn Funny web series? Katie is in it. If you’ve watched it, then you’ve noticed a certain special lady auditioning to get in to the comedy troupe…by playing the recorder with her nose! Yep, that’s my wife. And yep, she is playing “Time to Say Goodbye” on the recorder. With her nose. And yep, she taught it to herself that very day, when I suggested that the song she had previously prepared, “We Thank Thee, O God, For a Prophet” might be less appropriate.

So, that’s been us, part time. 

2 thoughts on “Other Part Time Stuff

  1. She pretty much nailed the MN accent. Very good stuff.

  2. NicholeStull says:

    How fun. You're both very talented. :)I just had the privilege of meeting the Eyres at a Retreat/Workshop for moms. Also, that you home-school amazes me because I'm terrified I won't like my kids anymore if I do that. 😉

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