Dear Paper, I hate you.


May 15, 2012 by jooshanoosh

I hate paper. I said it. I’m a bit of a gadget-nerd and I really want everything in my life to done electronically. Paper is just cluttery and gets in the way and you have to deal with it and throw it away or file it and then remember where it was filed and I’m tired of it. I would like paper removed from the following areas:

  1. Paper’s sent home from school. FOR THE LOVE, MAKE IT STOP! Wouldn’t it be easier to make a class Facebook page, or google group or a web page? Then all of information is there to access at any time. I don’t have to have a big stack of papers sitting in my kitchen to rifle through  to remember which day is zoo day, when the book project is due and what I need to bring to the book fair. These could all be on a google calendar, y’all!!
  2. Phone books delivered to my house. Who delivers these? Who pays for these and how do they make money? Does anyone actually bring these into their house and use them? Doesn’t everyone just carry them right from the front porch to the trash? If I need the phone number of a plumber, I am not going to pull out a 1200 page book and flip through it. It’s called Google. 
  3. Receipts. I hate them. I throw them away. I love stores that either store my receipt electronically (thanks, Target!) or email them to me (thanks, Apple!) 
  4. Checks. Is there anything worse than being in line at checkout and seeing the person in front of you flip open the old checkbook and click out their pen? It seems so weird and antiquated. I hand you some paper IOU and you give me goods and services for it?
  5. Any and all organizations that want me to fax something to them. Is it 1986? You mean instead of just emailing you a PDF I need to print something out, sign it, scan it and then fax it back to you? So that you can take the fax, scan it and then file it away? It makes no sense. 
I’m sorry if I sound angry. Maybe as a writer I should have some nostalgic attachment to paper and books, but I don’t. I am much more attached to convenience and efficiency and sleek pretty gadgets.
Where do you stand? Are you in love with your filing cabinet? Or do you want it all in the cloud?

3 thoughts on “Dear Paper, I hate you.

  1. Hailey says:

    If I mysteriously die, it's because the piles of paper in my apartment consumed me. I'm with you. Papers and laundry. EVERYWHERE.

  2. Christian F says:

    I'm with you 100%. I'm teaching a class this term and the coordinator gave me a box full of handouts. I was totally confused. They still use handouts? The box is in my car and I keep forgetting to use them. HATE paper.

  3. seashmore says:

    I'm a moderate when it comes to this issue. I could do with less paper in my mailbox, but I still use my phone book. There are maps that can be pretty handy, as well as coupons. (That's how the phone book people make money; they charge businesses to put ads in.) There should be a "Check only" checkout lane at the grocery store, but I do like them if I owe someone money and they live 200 miles away.

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