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June 6, 2012 by jooshanoosh

Hello, readers! Quick question. Is there anything more irritating than bloggers who blog about their blog? Nope! Nothing more irritating. And yet I’m going to do it.

Forgive my brevity, but I’m packing for my yearly trek to the United Kingdom and I’m really busy eating snow cones and going down water slides. And defending my PhD and opening a show. And leaving Friday for a month. I know, I know, boo-hoo. The world keeps spinning.

But every summer when I take students to London I keep a daily blog of what I’m doing there. You can read it! It’s like reading my journal. A little chronicle of naps I take and some covert pictures of really weird faces I see on the street. All the things I love. I’ll be blogging starting this Sunday. You can read it here.

Cheerio and Happy Jubilee, Liz!

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