Ahh, Summer.

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June 26, 2012 by jooshanoosh

Let me ask you, is there anything better then being in the sun with a clean body of water to cool off in?  I mean really, what is better?  I do love the Spring, when the whole world has been dead and then it slowly wakes and you remember things like: Flowers, Kindness, and Dirt. I also love that first good snow, and it means the Holidays are coming and you remember things like: Fire Places, Seeing your Breath, and Warm Woolen Mittens.  And then in the Fall, that first cold snap and you finally get to pull out your sweaters from under the bed and you get to remember things like: Red and Gold and Purple.  But the Summer… even now Josh is up at a Lake reading book after book like a chain smoker lights her cigarettes, Chris is off exploring streets in London that he hasn’t found yet, Ken is waxing one thing or another, and I? Well,  I’ve been watching The Wonder Years on Netflix. I started with Season 1 Episode 1 and I love it! Winnie Cooper, Fred Savage and the kid that my brothers all told me I looked like during my teenage years:

(I did not wear glasses…however, even I can see a resemblance. )

So, I love it. I love how in most sitcoms that revolve around School, the summer gets cut out; that’s of course because the series airs during the school year and takes the summers off, but not The Wonder Years. Each season (and I’ve made it through four) they pay the correct homage to the Summer months filled with all the lazy days, odd jobs you end up doing, the distance that grows between you and your school friends, and how close you get to the kids on your street. Was there ever a better time in life than Summer Vacation when you were young?

My wife is a Summer Girl. She was born in early August, which sealed her fate.  She was a lifeguard and a diver when she as a teen. She was blonde and tan from May to October only because that is what the sun did to her, it took all her translucence of winter and made her glow. Her favorite holiday is still the 4th of July, though she still finds Christmas a reasonably enjoyable day, and she loves rodeos and fireworks.  There is this scene in Brokeback Mountain (which I’m sure you haven’t seen because it’s gay) where The Joker goes with his wife, the girl with short hair, to watch the fireworks, and the sky is so big and full of light and the crowd seems so small sitting on the yellow grass, their necks stretched fully to take it all in, and I imagine that’s what the inside of my wife looks like.  Like Summer. She wrote about it here  she is an amazing and talented writer so I hope you click over and read it. She is a Doctor after all and you feel fine about reading posts written by five dopy dads, so go on, give it a shot… Here’s that link again:

Summer Swan Song
Happy Summer.

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