The 4 Best TV Shows You Aren’t Watching This Summer

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July 20, 2012 by jooshanoosh

It’s summer. To most people it may seem like a barren wasteland for television when there’s nothing on but competition reality shows and baseball. Now, don’t get me wrong, SYTYCD is a great show but, if you’re like me, you want a little drama, comedy, or even dramedy in your life too.

What are your options? I have some doosies (do-sies? dewsies?) for you*:

1. Suits
This show is not you’re regular legal drama procedural. Mike Ross has dropped out of Harvard Law, his dream derailed after he’s caught selling an exam to the Dean’s daughter. Because of his natural intelligence and photographic memory, Mike makes a living taking tests for other people, particularly LSATs.

Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) is one of New York City’s top attorneys and is forced by company policy to hire an associate now that he is a Senior Partner. After an accidental interview with Mike, Harvey is impressed by Mike and hires him. Because the firm exclusively hires Harvard alumni, they go about fixing things so Mike appears to be a Harvard grad.

The comedy and the drama in the show comes from Mike and Harvey’s conflicts over one’s ethical the other’s uncaring demeanor. There’s also romance, impressive legal cases, former partners, internal politics, and the threat of knowing Mike could be discovered as a fraud at any time.

You will recognize: Gina Torres from Alias, Firefly, and Angel. Rick Hoffman from The Practice, Chuck, and other weasely parts.
Watch if you like: Legal shows, witty banter, office politics, and sexy, attractive people such as The Practice or Boston Legal.

2. Alphas
From Wikipedia (with some edits): The series follows five people, known as “Alphas,” or people with some kind of special power. They are led by noted neurologist and psychologist Dr. Lee Rosen as they investigate criminal cases involving other suspected Alphas. 

Rosen and his team of Alphas operate under the auspices of the Defense Criminal Investigative Service, the criminal investigative arm of the U.S. Department of Defense. While investigating these crimes, it does not take the team too long to discover that a group known as “Red Flag”, which was thought defeated and eliminated long ago, is using other Alphas to commit crimes. It takes place in a shared universe with Eureka and Warehouse 13. 

It’s action packed, often funny, and has great contained and arching story lines.

You will recognize: David Strathairn from the Bourne movies and Good Night and Good Luck.
Watch if you like: Action or Sci-fi such as Heroes, Misfits, Alias, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Dollhouse, and Torchwood

3. Falling Skies
From Wikipedia with my edits: Falling Skies tells the story of the aftermath of a global invasion by extraterrestrials. Within a few days the invaders neutralize the world’s power grid and technology, destroy the militaries of all the world’s countries, and apparently kill over 90% of the human population.

The story picks up six months after the invasion and follows a group of survivors who band together to fight back. The group, known as the Second Massachusetts (an allusion to a historical regiment from the Continental Army), is led by retired Captain Weaver and Boston University history professor Tom Mason who, while in search of his son Ben, must put his extensive knowledge of military history into practice as one of the leaders of the resistance movement.

It has its melodramatic moments but overall it’s a very compelling story of human survival, relationships, and what we’d do to keep our families safe.

You will recognize: Noah Wyle from ER and Will Patton from a billion movies, Numb3rs, and 24.
Watch if you like: Post-Apocalyptic Action Dramas like Walking Dead, Battlestar Galactica, and Jericho or movies such as District 9 and 28 Days Later.

4. L.A. Complex
The Canadian series depicts Abby Vargas, an aspiring actress who moves to Los Angeles with nothing but her Maple Leafs hockey bag and dreams of being a famous actress.

“The L.A. Complex follows the lives of twenty year olds living in the same apartment complex in L.A. trying to make it as actors, dancers, producers and comedians. Relationships begin and end, the need to succeed is tested and all characters are pushed to their breaking points.”

We just started this one and it’s better than I thought it would be. It’s fun, silly, gut-wrenching, dramatic, soapy, and addicting. Everything you want from summer TV.

You will recognize: Jewel Staite from Firefly and Jonathan Patrick Moore from Neighbours.
Watch if you like: The darker, less glitzy side of Melrose Place, The Hills, 90210, or Degrassi: The Next Generation.

So, there you have it. Something to watch this summer instead of Howard Stern’s witchy, old woman face judging mediocre singers. Did I miss anything? What are you watching this summer?

*The series descriptions were borrowed from Wikipedia and then edited and commentary added.

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