Friday Link Roundup: Sharks Are Like Serial Killers

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August 17, 2012 by jooshanoosh

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another compelling, heart-stopping post in the breakthrough series that is Friday Link Round Up. I have walked around in the Internet this week and found the easiest links from at least three online hotspots. Today we have Legend of Korra t-shirts, the Kahn Academy, a cute but cheesy rap video, the honest trailer for The Hunger Games, and some shockingly true news about sharks, the bane of the sea.

This week I just tried not to die from work stress and opening Arsenic and Old Lace at the Hale Center Theater in Orem so you get what you get. Yay!

Legend of Korra T-Shirts: Gorgeous shirts. This animated series is not just a good kid’s show, it’s really good television in general so we watch it as a family.

Kahn Academy: Unfortunately, it’s not a training camp for Star Trek villains. But, you could learn or help your kids learn some awesome stuff like drawing or HTML or Animation. Looks promising.

Sharks Hunt Like Serial Killers: Enough said.

Daddy Skillz: Can something be cute, annoying, clever, and dumb and the same time? I submit that it can.

Honest Trailer for the Hunger Games: NSFW and NSFK and NSFARIWBH as there is some language and other inappropriate and/or inaccurate observations.

What did you find on the web this week? Was it better than these? I shall ask you, in the words of Patrick Livingston, to “prove it” by posting your awesomeness in the comments.

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