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August 21, 2012 by jooshanoosh

So you know how I’m a “Part Time Author”  well the other part of the time I am a Husband and Dad and the other part of the time I sleep and the last part of the time I work at Anthropologie in Salt Lake and I have a bit of news for you ladies who love that store…and that’s all of you.  So you may or may not know that after 10+ years we are leaving the Gateway Mall and moving to the new and fancy City Creek Mall up the road. You can think what ever you think about the move (and lots of people seem to have a lot to think about it) but I really want to write about the things you may not know.  Here’s a list of 10 things I don’t think you know.

#1- Anthro hardly ever…ever relocates stores. I think the Salt Lake store is, like one in five ever.

#2- #1 is about all I know about the relocation, as it turns out the people who own the company do not call the Home Managers of the store and bounce relocating ideas off them.  Also, the 18 year old sales girl ringing you up, she doesn’t even know as much as I do, and all I know is #1.

#3- I do know that we will put some of our stuff on sale before we move. I know this ’cause I showed up to work today and we had put all of our sale stuff an extra 40% off!  I did not know this yesterday, but today I knew it. So if you find yourself in Salt Lake and love a good Anthro deal, stop in, but it’s only in our store, so don’t ask me to find you $9.95 jeans in the Charlotte store, cause they aren’t moving the Charlotte store.

#4- Just because it’s on sale and you are getting a screaming deal doesn’t mean you get to treat it poorly.  At one point that dress was $300, and now it’s $8.00, still, if you tired it on and you don’t like it, pick it up off the floor and put it back on the hanger and thank me for my time…or leave it on a heap in the fitting room, but leave me five bucks on the stool and I’ll take care of it.  Yes, it’s my job and yes, I’m getting paid and yes, I made the choice to sell women’s clothing, but when you hand me a mangle of sale shirts and ask me for a room, I can’t help it, I judge you.  What must your closet look like.

#5- Just because it’s on sale and your getting a screaming deal doesn’t mean you get to treat ME poorly.  Sale brings out the animal in people and some peoples animals are mean ones. Just remember the old adage, “You catch more flies with honey.” It was invented for retail.

#6-Please bring me some Honey.  Local hives in a nondescript mason jar and I will be your personal shopper for you entire stay at our store.  We have some great deals and I will guide you through this tremulous process as best I can…for some honey.

#7- Really, there are some great deals!  Today I sold a woman a $300 swimsuit for $12.00 and she walked out the door wearing only it and some Leifdotter heals she got for $15.00…yeah, and she looked great.

#8- Also, we are looking for temps to come help us move the store…so if your looking for some extra cash to spend at your local Anthropologie, now’s you chance!  Come get an application and mention this blog post and your app will go to the top of the pile!

#9-Normally I don’t post about where I work, but I really do think this is a great deal so I thought I would share it with my friends…which is the both of you. Plus I wanted to tell you be for CJane told you. So grab the kids and a trench coat, pull it over your head and come on down!

#10-I believe all lists should end at ten.

That’s all, sorry to be plugging my other job on my other job, but for once most of my life has come together in one space…if only I was married to or raising this blog I would have a moment of perfect oneness.  Hang on…the kids are trapped in the dumbwaiter and my wife needs a screwdriver whether she means the tool or the drink is still undetermined.

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