A Writer’s List of the Top 10 Movies About Writers

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September 8, 2012 by jooshanoosh

Today on Part Time Authors we’ll show how the love/hate relationship many of us have with writing is wonderfully represented in movies. Let’s get right to it …

10. Stranger Than Fiction
Sometimes the characters we write already have a life of their own. We have to find that life and figure out the best way for them to continue to live (or die?) inside our story.

9. Barton Fink
You think you suffere from severe writer’s block? You don’t know what that really is until you’ve seen this movie.

8. Capote
Philip Seymour Hoffman is so perfect in this. I think what you can take away, other than sometimes we have to write about hard and difficult things, is that research and process are as much a part of a successful piece than anything else.

7. The Hours 
This one made me cry a lot. I’ve never read the novel “Mrs. Dalloway” but after seeing what happens to these ladies while reading (writing) it, do I want to? Did I mention it’s sad?

6. Almost Famous
The performances are top notch. The story is great. The dialogue is brilliant. And, it accurately portrays the excitement, joy, stress, sadness, and disillusionment of writing. Oh, and that scene where he plays Stairway to Heaven for his mom … amazing.

5. Adaptation
Not everything we create needs to make sense to other people if it makes sense to us.

4. The Shining
Best horror film ever? It’s a least the best horror film with a writer as a [SPOILER] murderer.

3. Wonderboys
Haven’t read the book. Ha! But I loved this movie. At the time I saw this there was this conflict inside of me that I really wanted to be Grady Tripp and at the same time never wanted to be Grady Tripp. Do you know what I mean?

2. Finding Neverland
One of my favorite movies. There are a lot of movies on this list that portray writers as sad, depressed, and neurotic. However, this movie inspires me to be not only a better writer but a better person every time I watch it.

1. Sunset Boulevard
It’s not only the best movie with a writer as the main character, it’s one of the best movies ever made. Period. It’s groundbreaking, witty, scary, and devilishly well-written.

So, what do you think of the list? What did I miss?

[Author’s note: I didn’t really enjoy Sideways.]

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