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September 11, 2012 by jooshanoosh

So here’s the thing, they are killing me at work.  We are moving the store (that’s right, it’s over at the Gateway and you missed the big sale and if one more person tells me how much they loved to shop on Sundays and now we are gonna miss their business…I’m gonna puke) and I just finished a 12-hour day starting at 5:45 (that’s a 4:45 wake up if I was gonna care what I looked like…so 5:00 am wake up) and now I find myself only writing with parenthesis which someone once told me was trite.  (Like she would know.)

But I have a scheme.  And you know I love a good scheme.

Did you guys know that there are 4 other Part Time Authors? It’s true and, no, my mother isn’t one of them (though she could be).  So today, in an effort to use my friends’ really hard work to my own advantage, I am going to post my favorite posts written by my fellow PTAs.  Think of this as that weak Golden Girls episode where the ladies sit around the table and “Remember the time…” and then just run clips from old shows that you have already seen.  Yeah, this is gonna be sorta like that…so sorta like this:

 Only with the five of us.  
No Mom, this is not us. 

Here’s how things work around here:

Monday is Ken:  Ken and I met pretty recently and then became writing partners when this blog was born.  He is my newest friend and he is by far the funniest author on this blog.  See what I mean here, it’s classic Ken:

Ken and Vinal

Tuesday is Me: I have known myself all my life and I am hands down the funniest author on this blog.  See what I mean here:

Patrick and Girls’ Hair

Wednesday is Chris:  They call him ‘Topher’ in the contributors, that’s why you can never find him. Chris was my boss when I worked at Barnes & Noble before my mission…so 14 years ago.  He since then has received his PhD and is a wildly successful and highly paid director and professor.  I have done the exact same thing only went the much easier route and just married my Phd/Professor/Director.  Chris absolutely the funniest author on this blog.  See what I mean here, it’s SO Chris:

Chris is a Mormon

Thursday is Josh:  Josh got the whole gang together.  Without him none of us would be here.  He knows and loves each of us individually and also as a whole on this blog…he’s a lot like Jesus in that way.  He is without a doubt the funniest author on this blog.  See what I mean here, typical Josh:

Josh’s Wife Makes Lunch

Friday is Brett:  Brett and I met over a decade ago and we acted and improv-ed and made merriment together.  He introduced me to my wife (that’s all I’m saying ’bout that) and I introduced him Holly Cole…on this blog. Brett is LITERALLY the funniest author on this blog.  See what I mean here, this is what we call ‘pulling a Brett’:

Brett Tells You What to Watch

So that’s us! I thought maybe if you come here to just read my posts you would take a look at some of my friends, they are funny and thoughtful and witty and worth reading…so is my mom. See what I mean by her comments here, Total Connie:

Not Even My Post

Have a great week!

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