HU the LU Do You Think You Are?!

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September 25, 2012 by jooshanoosh

So, I’ve been watching Project Runway on Hulu…and here’s the problem with Hulu:  If you are gonna make me watch commercials on the TV that I am purposely NOT watching on my real TV so I won’t have to watch commercials, at least let me watch more then just one commercial over and over and over and over.  Honestly, even regular TV mixes it up a bit, but if you watch a show on Hulu they tell you at the beginning this show is brought to you by The Chevy Volt and then you get the same Chevy Volt commercial every commercial break!  It’s almost enough to make me not want to buy a Chevy Volt even though if did, I would never have to buy gas again! AND I HATE TO BUY GAS!  It seems like the people who are smart enough to stream all my favorite shows straight to my computer would be savvy enough to figure a way for me to, at the very least, watch a different commercial at each break. Also, don’t ask me to participate in the commercials.  Like when they ask me to choose my Ad Experience, just so you know Hulu, I have left the room for every commercial break. I don’t watch any of them so don’t ask me to pick anything.  It’s like I’m at a dinner theater and actors have descended from the stage in their tights and fake accents and are asking me to ” ‘elp them ough wiv de plot” in someway. Blach. You just do what you gotta do and I’ll just watch…and by watch, I mean leave the room…cause I don’t watch commercials.  
That being said, here are three commercials that I was forced to watch on Hulu and I love them so much that I thought I would make you watch them even though you have chosen not to watch TV but to read your favorite blog…which now has commercials.  I love them in descending order as shown below.  Enjoy.
The Spit One:
The Hamster One:
The Funniest One:

Funny?!  Well, I thought so but when I went over to steal them from Youtube there was almost 400 “Dislikes” for the last one. Maybe it’s controversial? You tell me.  All I’m saying is I can’t remember the last time spaghetti sauce has made me laugh.

We’d love to hear you thoughts.  Also we would love you to click anyone of the ad’s on this page…well not the ones I posted but the other ones.  That way we can taylor you ad experience here on Part Time Authors. Because that’s what we do here. So “Gaow On!  Push de but-tan Guv-nar!”

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