clark family costumes, 2012

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October 31, 2012 by jooshanoosh

Miles and Owen left at the crack of dawn for junior high and high school. Owen is Doctor Who, and apparently he touches his glasses a lot? I don’t watch the show, but Owen did this in every photo I took. Miles is “the medic from Team Fortress 2,” which is apparently some kind of video game. If you already knew who this character is I will pay you one million dollars. Anyway, when I was in junior high and high school I would have NEVER dressed up for Halloween; it was not cool at all. But I guess they all do now. Times have changed. It’s fun for teens to be hipster and ironic and dress up like things you’ve never heard of.

This is Hugh and Phoebe dressed up like Mario and Luigi. There are many things that please me about this. First, I’m proud that they wanted to be something together. Secondly, I think it’s awesome that Phoebe doesn’t mind being a boy for Halloween – she doesn’t need to be a princess or a pop star. Third, these dudes know how to work a pose. Seriously, this took no coaching. My babies can smize.

This is probably the best picture I’ve ever taken. This is my Diane Arbus contribution to the world of Instagram. For reals, Margaret! She posed like this only briefly, but it was just enough time to capture the genius. Look at that blob of a mouth! Where is her actual chin? What’s happening with her left hand? Why the wide stance? Eyebrows? Everything just came together perfectly. I couldn’t improve it. Margaret was dressed as a witch, incidentally.

Oh, that’s just me dressed up like Bane. I always try to think of costumes that utilize a bald head, but this year I also wanted to work in my new C-PAP mask. So it was a no brainer! I’m sorry you can’t see my knee pads or my burly boots, but Instagram only does square pictures and there is NO way around it. But you can imagine it. Those are belts around my chest – they were fun at 9 this morning, but not so fun at 2:30 when I’m sitting at my desk at work. I suffer for my art.

What did you dress up like? Was it awesome? Happy Halloween!!!

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