Happy Month of Thanksgiving!

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November 5, 2012 by jooshanoosh

Whenever I consider the abundance of blessings in my life, I always have my Top 5. I think most people do. And generally, the list includes such themes as faith, family, friends, and health. As I said, I’m no exception to this. If there were nothing else good in my life, I would maintain the greatest level of gratitude and graciousness because of these most foundational and fundamental blessings. My convictions of who I am , where I came from, and where I am going – and who I get to go there with – create the symbolic north star in my life.
But I should never stop there. We are encouraged to count our blessings and name them one by one. So in addition to the most essential and life affirming blessings I’ve already mentioned, I think I would like to try an experiment and see if I can write down the first 100 things that come to me for which I am grateful. Not in any particular order, and certainly not “least to greatest.” I want this to be more a stream of consciousness.
  1. The funny.
  2. The benefit of the doubt.
  3. Witty conversation.
  4. Personal stories of triumph – anybody’s.
  5. The kindness of strangers.
  6. Being trusted.
  7. Coming home from anywhere to 16 arms that want to hug me.
  8. Katie’s sense of humor.
  9. The examples of spiritual leaders.
  10. The musical talents of my children.
  11. DVRs.
  12. Sketch comedy.
  13. Improvisation.
  14. Dinner with friends.
  15. Fresh guacamole.
  16. Cheeseburgers.
  17. Steak at Del Frisco’s.
  18. Chilled watermelon.
  19. Haagen-Dazs.
  20. Almond M&Ms.
  21. Hershey Nuggets
  22. Personal notes, received from friends over the years, kept in a box, to be read anytime.
  23. The Proclamation on the Family.
  24. My parents’ support and confidence.
  25. Six brothers and sisters who share their life’s experiences with me.
  26. Autumn colors.
  27. The Pacific Ocean.
  28. Songs that take me back to specific times and places.
  29. People who assume the best about me.
  30. Forgiveness.
  31. Receiving advice from trusted sources.
  32. Katie’s unfailing belief in me.
  33. People who take me to lunch.
  34. Listening to somebody speak who is clearly the expert in the room.
  35. Faithfulness.
  36. Buying clothes without having to try them on.
  37. Hearing a new song that immediately resonates and I swear I’ve known it my whole life.
  38. Movies I’m ready to watch again the moment that they end.
  39. Lucy’s mimicking.
  40. Becca’s kisses.
  41. Tanner’s smile.
  42. Roxanna’s laugh.
  43. Connor’s ingenuity.
  44. Garren’s dedication.
  45. Abbie’s articulation.
  46. The love in my home.
  47. No car payments.
  48. Listening ears.
  49. Scripture.
  50. Tender mercies.
  51. To have confidence in people I work with.
  52. Katie’s conviction of her divinity as a woman.
  53. Katie’s ability to prepare our children for success in their life’s decisions.
  54. Danceable music.
  55. Quiet music.
  56. Home videos.
  57. Other people’s vivid memories of things I’ve long since forgotten.
  58. Originality.
  59. Pioneers – of anything praiseworthy.
  60. My senses.
  61. Sleeping next to my wife.
  62. Inner strength.
  63. Written expression.
  64. Spiritual promptings.
  65. Personal revelation.
  66. Priesthood blessings.
  67. Emotional comfort.
  68. Pillows.
  69. Indoor plumbing.
  70. Hot showers.
  71. My children asking me to tell stories from when I was young.
  72. Abbie being 15 and still holding my hand in public.
  73. The goodness I feel in my children, just by being in their presence.
  74. Independently owned restaurants.
  75. People who offer us hand-me-downs.
  76. Colors of the sky at sunset.
  77. Herbal remedies.
  78. Light, in every sense of the word.
  79. Plates of treats dropped off by neighbors and friends.
  80. Compliments. I can live an entire month on one compliment.
  81. The remarkable generosity of all my in-laws.
  82. Books.
  83. iPods.
  84. My iPhone.
  85. Couches and blankets, together.
  86. Christmas movies.
  87. Having the perfect gift for somebody.
  88. Houseguests.
  89. Excellent seats at concerts.
  90. To be able to travel and see different cultures.
  91. Old friends.
  92. New friends.
  93. For friendships that can go years without communication and pick right back up as if no time has passed.
  94. Mentors.
  95. Freedom.
  96. Exercise.
  97. Massages.
  98. Quotes that inspire me to keep doing what I’m doing or to change what I’m doing.
  99. That there’s still time left.
  100.  Feeling that my life is better than I deserve.

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